Inside the Nest: Mr. Schwartz

Alexis Robinson, News Reporter

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     The shutting down of Ridgewood High School has had a strong impact on local schools in Pasco County. This major transition of well over 700 students was not expected to be easy, but with some assistance from additional support staff, these challenges were hoped to be minimized. Fortunately, both Fivay and Gulf High School would have Mr. Eric Schwartz as their very own transition specialist. Well known for his career as a math teacher, this school year Schwartz would do something a little bit different for work.

     “I have taught Algebra I, Geometry, Liberal Arts I,  Algebra II, Algebra II Honors, and Math for College Readiness,” Schwartz reflects.

     Before the transition, Schwartz even worked as a Math Coach at Ridgewood High School. It was a phone call from High School Superintendent, Tammy Berryhill, asking Schwartz if he would be willing to be the transition specialist that gave him his new role. If it was not for Mrs. Berryhill, Schwartz most likely would be working in another position.

     “I have known Mr. Schwartz since he was at Ridgewood and he has always done a pretty good job.” Corporal Josh Peters says, “He is good with students and he takes his job seriously.”

     Schwartz’s main role as a transition specialist is to monitor the students from Ridgewood that are now attending Fivay and Gulf. Schwartz also works to give students additional support if necessary.

     “I feel that the transition is going well. There are things that we are constantly trying to work and improve on to see how it could be better for everyone, but so far it seems to be going smoothly.”

     Schwartz advises those who are struggling with the transition to talk to him, Fivay’s graduation coaches, or even the assistant principals about what they believe should be changed. The school cannot change something if they are not aware it is an issue.

      Happy with his current position, Schwartz’s personal goal for this year is to gain experience from his job. Although Schwartz really enjoys his current position as a transition specialist, he does admit that he misses some parts of teaching. In the future, Schwartz sees himself possibly working as an Assistant Principal somewhere. For now, Schwartz plans on continuing his work helping students transition.