Our Top 10 Ways To Get Ready For Your Big Test

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Our Top 10 Ways To Get Ready For Your Big Test

Brennan Krahn, News Reporter

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10 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Testing

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep: If you go into the test feeling tired, you won’t focus on the test very well. Getting a good amount of sleep can give you enough energy to be ready the morning of the test. Sleep helps improve concentration and productivity, improve memory, and make you more alert.
  2. Eat a Healthy, Well-Balanced Breakfast: Eating a good breakfast the morning of the test will give you all the energy you will need for the few hours you will be testing. It can improve memory and help you pay attention. 
  3. Develop Test-Taking Skills: Learning how to take a test is an excellent way to prepare yourself. You can use online resources to improve your test-taking skills or you can take a practice test to give you an idea of what would be on the real test.
  4. Read the Study Guides: Study guides are a good way to prepare yourself because they show you what can be on the test. You can find many of these online.
  5. Don’t Overwork Yourself: You need to give yourself time to relax. Don’t cram all of your studying together, span it out.
  6. Use Khan Academy: Khan Academy can help you learn the material in an interesting and fun way. The videos they provide are short and not just a long, boring time-waster.
  7. Participate in Study Groups: Study groups are a good way to learn how other people have been preparing for the test. They can provide you with new knowledge or skills that you can learn.
  8. Develop Time Management Skills: The testing time is limited and you will not get any extra time. Learning how to effectively manage your time it a great way to prepare for the test. Never finish early and think you are done; always go back through the whole test because you might have missed one question and you could always correct a wrong answer.
  9. Identify Your Weaknesses: If you identify your weaknesses, you can study what you really need. There will always be things that you can study, just make sure you spend your time on places you need help most. Don’t just focus on your weaknesses though, study everything because you might need a quick refresher before the test.
  10. Go Into the Test With a Positive Attitude: Don’t go into the test thinking that you’re going to fail. If you go into the test like that, you are going to stress yourself for failure. Go into the test thinking that this will benefit your future and it can help you do great things.