A Homecoming Without Spirit

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A Homecoming Without Spirit

Jordan Bolds, Reporter

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    Costumes, homecoming court selections, the pep rally, king and queen coronation, and the football game itself are only a few of the many things people look forward to during this spirit-filled week. However, this year was a bit different.

    “I was expecting more, I was surprised this year,” said Riley Melucci (‘19), “the school didn’t show as much spirit as it has in the past.”

    Homecoming week usually has dozens of kids dressing up, but this year was a turn around, as only a few select groups participated.

    As if the last week of the quarter wasn’t stressful enough, there was a huge class swap of over 900 student schedules.

    “Overall it seemed pretty stressful for people, even for me because I was affected by it too,” said Josh Gerrish (‘20).

    With many classes having substitutes, not long term teachers, frustrations with schedule changes as well as differences in curriculum compounded to weaken homecoming spirit.

    This year also took a different turn on themes. Each class was given a certain theme to correlate with each day.

    “I almost didn’t dress up for heroes vs. villains day because of the themes.” said Shayna Bernstein (‘20), “The different themes were kinda confusing.”

    Many were able to come up with ideas, but they all happened to be the same things. Thursday, October 11, we saw more Minnie Mouses then you would see at Disney land itself! Many students just abandoned the themes altogether.

    With the junior class going all out on the decoration of hallway, having balloon’s on the ceiling, a giant castle in the middle, and even a ‘red carpet’ to give the true Disney spirit effect that wasn’t with everyone’s involvement.

    As the day goes on you could see students tearing, popping, and taking parts of the decorations no matter what class hall you entered.

    “Homecoming week was kinda crazy,” said Moses Figueroa (‘19), “the themes seemed rushed, everyone was in a panic of teachers putting in grades, and having their class all mixed around, which didn’t help either.”

     Students found the week to be more of a hassle than a fun spirit-filled week. Although many of our student council pushed to make this year exciting and outgoing, it was spoiled on by some big decisions made by the administration.