Pushing the Limits

Cody Sterbens, Reporter

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    For students, everyday they have worries: whether it be about their upcoming class periods or  homework they may have, but some have to balance sports into an already busy schedule. One of the many student-athletes at Fivay High School is Eric Kunzinger (‘21), who is able to excel in both.

    “I have a drive toward competition. If I see somebody ahead of me or doing better than me in anything I do it pushes me to work harder” Kunzinger admitted.

    This attitude contributes to the success he has inside and outside the classroom. Currently, Kunzinger is taking several AP and dual enrollment classes, all while being on the cross country team this fall and later on the soccer team as well.

    “He has the same work ethic in cross country as he does in the classroom,” Coach Gregory Bollinger described.

    This work ethic helps give him the motivation that allows him to be so successful at what he does. Also, it helps him to stay determined to achieve his goals, even when the workload may be overwhelming. Kunzinger not only brings a lot to the table with his performance on his sports teams, but also the attitude he has.

    “The positivity Eric has at every practice motivates all of us and pushes me to do better,” fellow cross country runner Sky Ledin (‘22) stated with a smile.

    His success has come with some obstacles, especially just this school year transferring from Anclote High School. Even through that difficult transition, Kunzinger has still been able to stay on the right track that has helped him to be a role model student-athlete.

Kunzinger is a student who is respected by his peers for the attitude and skill he brings to everything he does and he is a role model for those around him.