Making Noise At MPA

Alexis Robinson, News Reporter

    After countless hours of practice and continuous hard work and dedication, the Fivay band was able to show their best work at River Ridge High School last weekend, earning an excellence in marching and a superior in music.

    MPA is an annual band event that many high school students partake in. Bands that go to MPA get evaluated and scored based off of performance. They are scored by multiple judges and can earn a score ranging from poor to superior.

    Christina Iovino (‘19) explains with a cheerful smile, “MPA is a cool competition where everyone gets to participate, unlike sports where some players will sit out. We all get to be together and with teamwork we all get to perform together rather than a few people at a time.”

    Everyone in band plays a significant role, therefore, majority, sometimes even all band students will go to MPA.

    Now that Fivay is one with Ridgewood,  MPA would be a little bit different this year. Reflecting on MPA, Iovino shares how different it was.

    “It was definitely different because we had Ridgewood and Fivay together, but it was better that way. We actually worked together really well and I think everybody actually came together as a whole group and we sounded better than any other year before.”

    Throughout the months prior to MPA, the change within Fivay’s band would become very noticeable. Not only are all the students getting along and collaborating but their music has become better, stronger, and louder.  Peter Britt (‘19) shares how he felt MPA was different this year.

    “At MPA we really get to show what we have done and all the work we have put into it. This year it was different. I think it was definitely better.”

    Happy with the results, the band continues to work hard and they have even made goals for next years MPA and are working on making improvements.