Shining The Spotlight On Drama


Fivay drama takes a bow after finishing their latest performance.

Jordan Bolds, News Reporter

    A bead of sweat falls down the face of many on stage with the bright lights glaring into their eyes as they perform for family, friends, and others.

    “Drama takes a ton of dedication, ” said Tyler K. (‘19). Students work for hours going into rehearsals, decorations, and lighting arrangements to build a great performance.

    Also with the appreciable effort by Mr.Toms, who has been able to impact those in drama in such a different way to make everyone come together.

    “It’s a true bonding experience,” said Dejah Staton (‘19), “you work with a ton of different people, you get to learn and grow from each other which makes it so much better.”

    Being surrounded by great people who are hard working and are all dedicated to giving off a great show really amazes you and shows just how much a group can come together.

    “Drama inspires people to become something they’re not, and to go outside their comfort zone,” said Moses Figueroa (‘19).

    After each performance, many say they grow so much more confidence in themselves and their performing.

    Each and everything that is given off applies to the excess amount of teamwork needed.

    While drama is exciting for each actor in performing a character they’ve put so much work into, it has also helped inspire more students to take action, be the leader, and test their responsibility and capability.