All I Want For Christmas Is A DIFFERENT Grinch Movie Remake

Nevaeh Hodierne, News Reporter

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    The new Grinch movie is simply mediocre. The plot was bland and so predictable, not only because the storyline was fairly the same but also the way the events took place. The Grinch is a lot nicer which takes away suspense from the movie, making it even more predictable than it already is. The movie didn’t really say “Christmas movie,” it is more of a normal movie that has Christmas features added into it. The movie seemed rushed and took away key scenes and altered the music. The song “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was completely changed into a hip-hop/rap song.

    On the other hand, the animations were great. They added all the details that were needed, the animations were spot on. The voices matched almost all of the characters voices perfectly. The timing of it all was perfect. They added some more comedy into it, making the movie more appealing to some. You also see a lot more of all of the characters like Max (the dog), and Cindy Lou. Overall, it’s more of a children’s movie and wouldn’t interest many people over the age of 10. I wouldn’t watch it again.