5 Simple Holiday Hacks


Steph Ohara demonstrates her first hack using a hanger to keep your lights from being tangled

Steph Ohara, News Reporter

Hack Number 1.  Wrap Christmas lights around a coat hanger.

  • Trying to untangle Christmas lights can be an excruciating task. Many people give up attempting to unwrap the many sets of lights and go buy new cheap ones. In an attempt to save time, money, and pain, I suggest using old coat hangers. Just simply wrap your Christmas lights around an unused coat hanger. This hack saves time trying to untangle lights, storage for other items, and ultimately prevents a headache.

Hack Number 2. Store Christmas tree ornaments in plastic cups.

  • Have you ever started decorating your Christmas tree only to find out that all of your ornaments are broken? Well this hack is just for you! Instead of tossing your ornaments into a box, store them in plastic cups. This hack prevents ornaments becoming damaged and gives you an easy way to keep your decorations together.

Hack Number 3. Use green tinsel to make your tree look more full.

  • Having family come over and see your half empty Christmas tree can be embarrassing. Before decorating your tree, wrap green tinsel around the empty areas to ensure your tree won’t be laughed at. Wrapping green tinsel around your tree not only makes it look like you have a full thick tree, it gives you more space to decorate.

Hack Number 4. Take advantage of free shipping day.

  • December 15th is free shipping day. 400 retailers are participating including Target and Kohl’s. If you plan on getting gifts online, The 15th is the day to do so. Sure shipping may not seem like a big deal, but in the long run you are saving SO much money. So instead of spending an extra $20 for shipping, spend it on another gift for a loved one, or even yourself.

Hack Number 5. Avoid social interactions AT ALL COSTS

  • Family members are going to be flocking in and out of the rooms. In order to have a relaxing, stress free holiday, simply tell people you are sick and stay in your room. If your family wants to check your temperature, hold the thermometer on a light bulb when they’re not looking. This way nobody will bother you, you still get presents, and someone will bring you a plate of food in the comfort of your own bed.