Basketball Preview


Cody Sterbens, News Reporter

    To merge two sports programs into one normally would sound difficult, especially when players are trying to build connections and be ready to work together to have good seasons. However, the Fivay basketball team proves that wrong with the success they’ve already had as their season gets underway.

    “We all have really good chemistry with each other and now we’re all starting to become friends” junior Teddy Motsios described. Motsios, a player who last season was sidelined from an ankle injury, is back this season and should be a big part of the team’s success.

    With the team being comfortable playing together, it allows them to focus directly on working to win games. Both the players and Coach Williams have high goals for the season, aiming for a district championship.

    “My biggest goal for the season is for us to win districts. With the skilled players we have, it is definitely possible” Coach Williams said with a grin.

    Last year, Ridgewood won the district title, with a fantastic record and a deep run in the regional playoffs. Many of the athletes who were on their team last year have joined the Fivay squad, helping to improve a team that already showed lots of potential.

    With big district opponents in Gulf and Anclote, the team has shown that they play hard the full game and they’re improving every match.

    “We’re getting better everyday. I’m excited for what our team can achieve this season” Williams expressed.

    The basketball season ahead should be one of the best Fivay has seen in years and should be a team to watch this winter.