Making Spirits Bright

Journey Hanna, Editor

Whether you are not feeling the Holiday spirit yourself or if you want to spread the jolly feeling to friends or family- this list will help you achieve the Christmas spirit in no time!

  1. Listen to Christmas Music. There are a few albums that tend to top the charts this time of a year such as Mariah Carey or Pentatonix, they are a great way to get you in the holiday mood.
  2. Watch Christmas Movies! There are several channels and streaming networks that play Christmas movies everyday. These classics may seem overplayed, but their warm hearted nature brings families and friends together every year.
  3. Bake Treats. Everyone loves homemade sugar cookies and apple pies! Baking holiday food is a good activity to do with the family, especially for younger kids!
  4. Volunteer Your Time! Everyone this time of year feels extra charitable and in the mood to give. Lend your time to people who need it, it takes little effort and is sure to put a smile on your face.
  5. Go See Christmas Lights! Nothing says living in the Christmas spirit like driving around listening to Christmas classics and looking at the sparkling lights.
  6. Decorate! You may not be the type to put antlers on your car, but you can always decorate in other ways! Hanging lights around the house will insure that every time you come home, you feel the holiday spirit!