Sticking It Out Though Senior Year

Tyler Borges, Managing Editor

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    As Senior year for the Class of 2019 comes to a close, a few seniors have some advice on how to complete four years here at Fivay – and how they’re getting through the final stretch.

    As an overachiever, Lauren Marquez-Adams (‘19) tells underclassmen, “You should do everything ahead of time and take classes during the summer so your senior year can be relaxing.” Marquez-Adams has always been on top of her work, including AP classes as a freshman and Dual Enrollment as a Junior.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, an aspiring actor who is not exactly fond of school had some advice for the class of 2020 about being a Senior.

     “Don’t mess around, don’t say you’re going to get everything done your senior year, this is supposed to be you fun year, like, make sure that you can have fun, trust me.” warns Sam Panariello (‘19), “I’m trying to catch up right now and it’s not fun, make sure that you get everything done you need to get done.”

     Getting through the final semester is rough enough, but if you don’t have the credits needed to graduate it can be really exhausting. “Tefft definitely helped a lot, and so did Martanovic and Mr. McComiskey – it was nice seeing a familiar face,” explained Panariello who came to Fivay this year from Ridgewood High School, “My friends and the future ahead of me also motivate me. Being an actor here and wanting to be an actor eventually helps me keep going.”

    While Panariello emphasizes that organization and persistence is needed to complete final credits needed to graduate if you slack off, fellow Senior Carly Cline (‘19) explains, “You should have fun in your senior year – your classes aren’t going to be what you remember,” explained Cline, “the sporting events and time shared with friends are what’s important. Make sure your Senior year is filled with lifelong memories.”

    To counter this, many Seniors attribute friends for being the reason they want to drop out, “Everybody seems to want to get their finals words about you before you leave; however, you just gotta think about your future in the long-run.” Journey Hanna (‘19) brought to the spotlight, ”How many ‘friends’ are actually going to keep in contact after you graduate?”

    In all, some key advice is to rely on your support groups and push through it for just two more quarters, but it couldn’t hurt to take a step back and relax a little.

Some advice to next year’s Seniors:

My friends and the future ahead of me motivate me. Being an actor here, and wanting to be an actor eventually, helps me keep going. It gives me the motivation to be like, ‘listen you’re going to get there, just do what you’re doing and you’ll make it”

— Sam Panariello (‘19)


If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally”

— Journey Hanna ('19)

Take your SAT ahead of time, don’t wait till your senior year because you’ll cry”

— Lauren Marquez-Adams (19')