Not The Place And Not The Time!

Maria Roldan, News Reporter

Walk into any classroom here at Fivay and you will see over half the students on their phones not paying attention to anything the teacher says or does. Social media is a major distraction and does more harm than good.

     These days kids value social media as significantly more important than their education. They’ll sit on their phone scrolling through Instagram rather than taking notes or focusing on a presentation, or snap their friends in the middle of class when they should be doing a worksheet or writing vocabulary. Social media is undeniably very distracting and if it was banned or blocked entirely then students would most likely pay more attention than they do now. Yes you’ll still have those few people who will do anything but work. But for the most part, students will participate more and care more about their education.

     Basically social media shouldn’t be allowed in school for the sole reason that it causes kids to not work and be less invested in their education.