Let Your Social Side Out!

Serenity Gillman, Section Editor

People say that social media can be a bad thing in schools. Most of the time they only think about the negative side of it and never about the positive. I fell like social media should be allowed in school but only for positive things.

     Since most students at Fivay have at least one type of social media account, the school can use that to promote things. They can promote games, events, fundraisers, and more. They can get students more involved in how things are done at school. Most students at Fivay agreed that they would be more involved if it had something to do with the modern ways of communication. The school could do polls on Twitter, post stories on Snapchat, or even post on Instagram, but also make it relatable for students.

     Along with posting events and stuff, social media can be used in the classroom. Many students don’t really know what’s going on in the world, besides how many likes a picture of an egg gets or what the newest meme trend is. Social media does a wide range of coverage of events going on in the world, teachers can find something to relate to their lesson. They could also base a lesson on a real-world problem, have kids research it at home and maybe have them post what they got on a classroom account.

     Although this can be fun, it can also cause a major distraction in class. We all know about half the students at Fivay take things too far and ruin it for everyone. They will use it for other things besides schooling and not listen during class.

     That is why social media should be allowed in school. Hopefully, we will be able to involve more student thoughts and promote more events.