Love Is In The Air?


Stephanie Ohara

Skylar Bohm, News Reporter

    This time of year the saying “love is in the air” goes around. For most people that saying is true, but others are not so lucky. Sometimes there just isn’t that spark or sometimes it seems everything goes wrong. In honor of all the matches that seem to have missed Cupid’s arrow, here are some of Fivay’s hilariously bad Valentine’s Day dates.

    “His name was Nick. I was a Freshman and my parents didn’t really let me date. I invited two of my friends to come to the movies with us. One of my friends got really overprotective so whenever Nick would try to hug me or hold my hand he would give him weird looks and made him feel bad and awkward. At some point in the movie Nick tried to hold my hand so my friend gave him looks all night and when we were leaving my friend told me ‘I don’t like him he is weird’ loud enough so he heard it. I never got a text or call back.” – Kaylee (‘21)

    “I got invited to the movies one time as a date. I texted him when I got there to let him know. I asked where he was but he didn’t answer. I ended up watching ‘Boss Baby’ by myself because he never showed up.” – Anonymous

   “I was dating this girl for about two years. We went to the movies with my brother and one of my girlfriends friends. During the movie my brother said ‘Hey I’m going to go get some snacks’ and left. After about five minutes my girlfriend said ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ and left. I thought it was weird but I brushed it off. After a while I went to go see what was going on. I started walking in the hallways but I didn’t see anyone. I was confused but decided to use the bathroom before I went looking. When I opened the door I saw my brother making out with my girlfriend. They told me that it had been going on for months behind my back. To top it all off her friend knew about it but didn’t tell me anything.” – Darius (‘21)

   “My worst Valentine’s Day experience was when I was cheated on. He told me he cheated on me. He texted me while I was in class and he told me that he liked somebody else and that they had been talking for a while.”  – Anonymous