Charting a New Course

Stephanie Ohara, Photographer

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    One of the hardest things about going into high school is choosing which classes you want to take. You want to pick something that interests you, but sometimes you don’t know if you are making the right choice. Don’t worry, we are here to help!

If you are scared to join art, read this:

    “Art is an amazing course. I have done it since freshman year.” Victoria Fiest (‘19) said with a smile on her face, “I liked how when I came in to art everything was really professional. At first when I came in I was a little bit intimidated because I saw all of this artwork made by seniors and I didn’t really have much artwork of my own, but over the years my art skills have improved a lot.”

    Fiest wants to let our incoming freshmen thinking about art that you should, “Just keep working on it. The more you do the better your artwork will be. I came here as an amateur artist and now I am considered one of the best artists here.”

    Ms.Wells is the new art teacher at Fivay, she started this past school year and has become a great role model to her students. Everybody loves her and her style of teaching.

If you are scared to join band, read this:

    Mrs.Synnett is the band director here at Fivay. She has created strong bonds with her students and is excited for new band members to join.

    “Joining band my freshman I was nervous because I had never done marching band before,” Brianna Shumaker (‘19) shares, “so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I went on I really liked it.”

    Shumaker told reporters how much she loves band and how glad she is that she joined and stuck with adding, “Freshmen; if you are thinking about joining, DO IT. You will have so much fun and make great friends. My only advice to you is to listen to the upperclassmen and our band director.”