January Teacher of The Month

Daniel Sterbens

Eva Reveron, News Reporter

     With 3 different Economics classes;  AP, Honors and a regular class, Mr. McComiskey (known as Mr. Mack by his students) is deserving of being The Talon Paper’s first Teacher of The Month! He enjoys teaching all his classes and all the challenges they bring. Mr Mack has previously been a teacher at Ridgewood and following its closing has joined the Fivay staff. He attributes his inspiration to become a teacher to his father.

     “He wasn’t a teacher,” Mr. McComiskey says, “but he was a long time soccer coach.”

     Mr. Mack never thought of being a teacher in college and instead went into the Marine Corps.

     “After college one of the things I had to do was teach my fellow Marines different things that we had to know and I had a knack for it.” Mr. Mack shares, “Once I got out of the Marine Corps I went to work at a business and they made me a training manager, so I was responsible for all the employee education and I honed my skills as a presenter and a teacher. From there I moved down to Florida. I was a single Dad so one of the best things for me to do was to be a teacher so my kids could go to the school where I taught.

     Mr. McComiskey attributes his students as his motivation to teach.

     “I like to work with students. It’s challenging at times, but I like when I am able to get through and reach the students and they get it. It’s kind of exciting when that happens.”

     For the future, some positive changes he would like to see at Fivay is a greater blending of the former Ridgewood High School and Fivay.

     “I would like to see the blending of the school not be an issue, where the Ridgewood kids fit in with the Fivay kids and everybody is together as one. I definitely think that it’s been very good so far, but I would like to see it continue and not be an issue.”

     Mr. Mack’s commitment to educating and motivating his students has earned respect and admiration of those who he teaches.

     “He has an unrivaled school spirit and will do fun things to make class exciting by doing things like candy rains and handing out his class money called ‘Mack Bucks’, which you can redeem for cool stuff.” Student Cody Sterbens (‘20) shares, “Sometimes he even dresses up in a money suit with a gold chain which everyone likes and it really makes his class fun. He really cares about the students in his class and he wants to see you succeed and wants to make sure he makes your day better. His class is one of my favorites.”

     We, The Talon Paper, are proud of your accomplishments Mr. McComiskey!