January Student of The Month

Daniel Sterbens

Tyler Borges, Managing Editor

     “Hi, are you new?” asks the January Student of the Month, “I’m a Senior, Alexis Robinson, it’s nice to meet you.”

     Once you step foot on Fivay’s campus Alexis Robinson (‘19) will greet you with a bright, glowing, and warm bodied smile. She has the character of nobles, a heart of gold, an unmatched drive for dedication, and an interest in assisting others. There is no dispute on the validity of her appointment for Student of the Month. This is because as she exemplifies true character on monumental scales; she doesn’t look for a teacher’s watching eye behind her footsteps, in other words, she turns from praise but strives for right.

     Since her freshman year, Robinson has grown and learned from social and academic challenges and uses her newfound knowledge to help others and give advice. Some advice from her: “The best way thus far is just finding the right crowd and the right people to be friends with,” but that’s not all the wisdom she has to offer. Robinson is truly a walking poem book filled with pep talks and ways to calm anyone’s worst anxieties, she is one to turn to when times get tough.

     People have taken note of her character and have told her she’s, “Hardworking and willing to help others,” said Robinson with enthusiasm, “A lot of times I’ll go out of my way to help those in need.” This type of attitude is needed for a busy bee like Robinson, who is currently taking five AP classes on campus. She attributed this to her improved note-taking skills from the past three years of high school, “I feel like each year my dedication and work ethic has grown, I opened myself up to taking more rigorous courses (because of this)” she elaborated.

     One final recognition of Robinson’s character is that she is opened minded and readily dynamic to influences from people that have experienced more than her – this is crucial for character development. She attributes and recognizes Amber Mariano for being one of those helpful people, she, “Encourages me a lot and pushes me to be the most successful I can be.” Robinson is always improving and able to back-up that she is worthy of such an award.

     We, The Talon Paper, are proud of your accomplishments Alexis!