January SRP of The Month

Daniel Sterbens

Cody Sterbens, News Reporter

     There may be around two thousand students at Fivay High School, but there are over a hundred teachers and faculty at school as well. For all those faculty, there are some who go above and beyond everyday to make this school great. Mr. Sunday Padonu, known by students as Mr. Sunday, is one of these staff.

     Mr. Sunday can be seen in the cafeteria everyday greeting students and helping to ring them in for their lunches. He not only does this but talks to you and makes you happy to be in lunch.

     “I love being around kids and interacting with them. Plus I love being in the kitchen which makes my job even more fun,” Mr. Sunday said with a smile.

     Students can always know that no matter what type of day they are having, they can always rely on Mr. Sunday to brighten it.

     “Whenever anybody sees Mr. Sunday they just immediately get excited. I know I always enjoy waiting in his line at lunch” Jadon Velazquez (‘20) expressed.

     His job may be stressful at times when waves of students come in during each of the three lunches to get their food, but he always radiates a positive attitude which rubs off on his coworkers and students alike.

     People could ask anyone around campus and Mr. Sunday would be one of the first people they would mention who deserves this award. The impact he makes on kids every day without even trying is immeasurable. Staff members like him help to create a fantastic Fivay culture around school.

     For this and so many other reasons, The Talon Paper is proud to present this award to you, Mr. Sunday!