A Personal Victory Over Valentine’s Day

Alejandra Borges-Rodriguez, Section Editor

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    A wise man once said “It is better to be alone than in bad company” so as the dreaded February 14th creeps its way onto the week many singles wonder, what there is to do on the day without the date? Sure you can do the typical ‘watch Netflix with a bowl of ice-cream feeling sorry for yourself’ but why? There is more to Valentine’s Day than couples celebrating one another.

    Valentines Day celebrates love, love for everyone near and dear. If you are single on Valentines Day I suggest that you gather those you love, both close friends and family, spend the day with them. You can pass time watching sappy romantic comedies and poke fun at all the cliches, telling stories of the worst dates you’ve experienced, eating all of your favorite snacks, and doing other things (like playing games) that you all enjoy taking part of.

    Being single does not mean that you have to be or even feel alone, surround yourself with all the things and people you love the most. Take advantage of the (in my opinion overrated) holiday and treat yourself to all the things you love whether it be a relaxing day at the spa, or a shopping trip at your favorite mall. Always remember that being single is not bad, you deserve someone that will treat you better than you can treat you. As long as you have self love and acceptance you are on the right track, the rest will fall into place at its own pace!