The March Binge Watch Playlist

Navaeh Hodierne, News Reporter

     Looking for something to fun to watch or just plain bored? Look no further! Here are my top 10 shows to binge watch right now!
1. The 100 – 5 seasons
After a nuclear outbreak, it’s nearly impossible for humans to live on Earth. Years later they send 100 young prisoners to Earth to see if conditions are livable.
2. One Day at a Time – 3 seasons
A family friendly series expressing the hardships of life as a single mother.
3. The Ranch – 6 seasons
A football player comes home to his family’s ranch after being gone for years. He soon finds that his family had been struggling financially.
4. Watership Down
An animated show about the struggle to survive as a rabbit.
5. Degrassi – 4 seasons
Follow these students as they grow up and go through high school.
6. Sense8 – 2 seasons
A sci-fi series about a group of people scattered around the world that have to work together to protect themselves from an organization that wants to kill them.
7. Between – 2 seasons
A strange illness kills all of the adults in Pretty Lake, the town is quarantined some of the people left work together to find the source of everything.
8. Young & Hungry – 5. seasons
Gabi is desperate for a job and ends up finding Josh who was in search of a personal chef.
9. Z Nation – 5 seasons
Z Nation is a dramatic series that shows the struggles of what life could be post-apocalypse.
10. New Girl – 6 seasons
Jess just had a bad breakup and is looking for a place to live. She ends up moving in with three guys who end up becoming her best friends.