The Problem With Problems

Jadon Velazquez, Section Editor

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    This school year Fivay saw a substantial increase in students, almost doubling the amount we had the year before, as well as a plethora of new teachers filling the spots of former ones. With this change, Fivay’s administration had to combat the foreseeable challenges that lay ahead. The many systems and precautions added these past few years include our HERO system, administrators standing at the gates to prevent students from leaving, and our recently added traffic flow system.


    As many of Fivay’s students know, we have seen an increase of student behavioral issues over the course of the year. This increase has brought the many systems aimed at preventing these issues into question.


    “We’ve almost doubled our school’s population in the past year,” says Mr. Love, a teacher that has seen many of the ups and downs of Fivay, “and with more students you’re going to have more trouble being caused. As for the things like teachers watching the gates for students trying to leave campus, it’s a very complicated situation.” Love went on to talk about how though watching the gates definitely keep students from leaving, those same students will just go and cause trouble on campus, and that when administration keeps a closer eye on students, you will of course find more students doing the wrong thing.


    “There are a lot of good kids at Fivay, but another side to it is that a lot of the really good kids that are enrolled here don’t spend most of their day on campus. Many of the students are over at PHSC, so when you look at the population of Fivay on a day to day basis, you’re going to see more of the bad than there really is,” says Love.


    Overall, the general consensus at Fivay is that we definitely have a lot of room to improve, but we should treat this year as a learning experience to improve future years to come.