Swinging Into Spring

Swinging Into Spring

Cody Sterbens, News Reporter

   As February gets underway, for baseball fans this means that spring training is beginning and what has felt like an eternity of a break without baseball is finally over. The entire league is separated between playing in Arizona and Florida for these preseason games. Not only is this a time for fans to get excited for the season to start but it also gives a glimpse of how the season will go for the team.

    Whether a team is in a rebuild and hope to see some of their newly acquired prospects shine, or are trying to see if their strong lineups will stand against other impressive teams, these few weeks allow players to get time to shine. Some clubhouses are going to rely on veteran teammates to lead the young prospects who for them might be their first time taking the field with major league stars. With other teams signing new free agents, this allows the team to get used to playing with one another before the regular season begins. One of the major of these is Manny Machado who just recently signed with the San Diego Padres and possibly Bryce Harper signing with a new team.

    Even if you’re not a very big fan, spring training games are still very fun to go to and to some might be better than a regular season game. For baseball fans, you should take advantage of so many teams playing in Florida for spring training where several are not even an hour away. During the regular season, you might not have an opportunity to watch some of those teams, especially those who play in the National League.

    Several teams this season are going to be ones to watch out for with the Braves, Red Sox, and Astros that won their division playing in Florida, and the Brewers, Indians, and Dodgers playing in Arizona. Other teams that seem to be ready to dominate in this season are the Reds, Rays, Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Rockies, and Phillies.