Starting Out Soft

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Starting Out Soft

Steph Ohara, Photographer

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    Softball is one of the many sports high school students love to watch and play. Coach Bollinger has been a softball coach for twenty eight years and even played baseball in high school and a fast pitch softball team after he graduated.

    “I played on a softball team called the ‘Clearwater Bombers’,” Bollinger said. “We would play one hundred games in a summer.”  

    This year the Fivay High School softball team is made up of three freshmen, seven sophomores, three juniors and only two seniors.

    “We are a pretty young team and I believe that is why we are performing the way we are,” Coach Bollinger explains. Bollinger adds that some of his players have never even played softball before this season.

     Jasmine Blossfield (‘22) said her love of the game started when she was younger. She grew up playing baseball and thought softball would be similar.

    “I figured that since I couldn’t play baseball here, I could just play softball since they are closely related.” She said.  “I play third base and I have found my love for softball now.”

    So far this season many games have been lost due to the lack of experience within most of the players.

    “If you look at our record this season it does not look too good, but we are working on our weaknesses and we are constantly striving to become a better and stronger team,” Evangeline Hurley (‘21) said.

    Coach Bollinger says he hopes to improve his team for next year by working on the team’s weakest points and going from there.

    “Each practice and each game we are working on things that could use improvement. I am sure that eventually the wins will come our way, we just need to constantly be on our A-Game,” Bollinger explained.

    Courtney Gifford (‘22) said she has always loved softball and decided when she got to high school she would play for the school team.

     “I know that I need to work on my pitching more in order to become better,” Giffords shared. “I love playing softball and will do anything to get better.”

     While the season may not be the success they wanted, the team continues to entertain its fans.