First Week Jitters: Freshmen Share Their Thoughts About their First Week

Welcoming the Freshmen class of 2023, they share their experiences and feelings about their first week at Fivay


Chloe Lynne, News Writer

 As the new school year comes around, many new faces come, especially Freshman. A big transition such as this can be confusing to freshman. The scariest part of it all is the first week, but there is plenty to look forward to. 

      “The most challenging part of becoming a freshman for me was getting to class on time because there were a lot more people here than there was in middle school but I got used to it after the third day of school,” Kendyl Blanton said.

     “The hardest part of my first week as a freshman was trying to find my new classes because it was very new to me,” Cen Lin said. 

     Going from being the oldest in middle school to being the youngest can seem to be tough but, some students were excited to transition from middle school to high school. Students had felt happy to transition and were excited to make new friends. With new friends comes new opportunities and new experiences. 

      “ The most exciting thing that happened during my first week was being able to see old friends and make new ones,” Lin said. 

       Another scary part of becoming a freshman is also being the youngest. Many freshman students were nervous about having to interact with upperclassmen. They were nervous about being treated as if they were not mature. But, some freshman students had found that upperclassmen were happy to help and did not see them as immature. While the freshman experience can be frightening, there are plenty of people at Fivay that are here to help. 

       “An upperclassmen had helped me find one of my classes on the first day. She was really nice and very helpful,” Blanton said. 

       “My first week also was not that scary for me. I felt the same way as I do when I go into any other grade,” Blanton said. 

        There are many things that freshman students can look forward to here at Fivay. There are many more extracurricular activities offered in high school. Students can look forward to going to games, school dances, and many more. 

       “I’m excited to be able to go to football games and to be able to go to homecoming,” Blanton said. 

        The first month of freshman year can be a scary experience for some students. But, many students had been excited to transition because it was a way for them to experience new things. Students have the opportunity to participate in more school activities and to make new friends.