Making The Mark: Meet the New Cadet Commander of JROTC

How one student is able to take leadership, and stand above the rest.


Taylor Tamargo, News Writer

 When meeting the new cadet commander of JROTC, you may notice his friendly face and how easy it is to talk to him.  Devin Lombardo is very passionate about his new role and he definitely enjoys talking about it with new faces. The JROTC program is a military preparation class. This program teaches high school students leadership roles in the military while also making them aware of the benefits of citizenship.  It’s a program that has been a part of Lombardo’s high school career. 

    Lombardo oversees 230 cadets as the head of his unit. When he started out during his freshman year, he was a regular cadet. At the time, he didn’t know if it was something that would stick. But now he is proud of his success and loves his time in the JROTC  program. 

 “Well for me it changed my life, I am away better person now, it makes me be able to interact with people through this interview, lead people, it’s made me a much better leader than I used to be” Lombardo said.

From cadet,  and then to cadet commander and all the way up to platoon leader, Lombardo has worked his way through the ranks. He says he didn’t know it would be like this or how much the program would change him. He felt humbled by by being the cadet commander because of new responsibilities of overseeing 230 cadets. Not only is JROTC affecting him now it’s also going to affect his future. 

      “It’s definitely gonna help me when I’m older because I’m going into the military so it’s going to help a lot with that.”  

     It clearly helped him with leadership potential and many other things. This program enlightened him about a military career and now he is going into the Marine corps after high school.