Making Some Noise: Get to Know the New Addition to Band and Choir

Fivay has a new band and choir teacher, and students are pumped to see how the year goes.

Brianna Phillips, News Writer

There’s a new band teacher at Fivay High.   Fredrick Bowlus has taken over that role. Bowlus has been teaching music classes since 1996. He came from Colorado but he taught at a school in Pinellas, Dixie Hollins High School from 2016-2018. Bowlus wanted to become a music teacher because of his love for music and wanting to watch students grow musically and personally. 

   “I like it at Fivay, the administration has been supportive of the music program and the students have been great,” Bowlus said.

    He can play more than one instrument which is all the band instruments but his preferred instrument field is percussion. He says the thing he’s looking forward to this school year is creating a strong musical culture and to watch his students succeed in their musical endeavors while trying new things. His favorite instrument that is not his main one is the oboe because he says it is a very unique sounding instrument and he likes the sound. 

   The classes he is teaching this year are concert band, symphonic band, jazz band, marching band, choir, percussion class, and color guard. 

  “I’m super excited to build the music program here at Fivay High school, the band program and the choir program both and to get these to be outstanding musical programs,” Bowlus stated.

  He plans to evaluate them at the beginning of the year and come up with solutions to take some laddering steps to get them to accomplish some of the foundational material needed. 

  “I want to start off the year by giving the students a good foundation of music starting with a lot of the basics and then by pushing my students towards the end of the year to achieve things that they never thought they could” Bowlus said. “it’s a long process that takes time and effort throughout the year” 

   Marching band competitions this year are new, they will be held at East Lake High School and Wiregrass High School this year. Bowlus and the band are playing at all the football games so come out and cheer them on.