Welcome to the Nest: Meet a Few New Faces on the Fivay Staff

The Fivay staff has some new teachers joining the team, and we welcome them with a friendly face and an open mind.

Kaitlyn Rose, News Writer, News Editor

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Our new Faces at Fivay this Year are an Incredible new asset to our falcon team. 

  Here are our two new additions to our falcon team. Denia Fraser is one of the many new faces joining the Fivay staff this year. She teaches ninth-grade Intensive Reading.  

  “I was a language art teacher and decided to become certified for intensive reading as I love both reading and writing,” she said. 

   But when it comes to where she wanted to work, Fivay just made sense. 

 “I love teenagers and worked with adults for seven-plus years when I decided to do a career change and thought teens would be a better population for me,” she said. “They are fun and creative, so I thought they would be a better fit.” 

  For Fraser, the goal is to make her course more interesting and tap into their passion to read.  Her favorite part about teaching high school students is their overall presence and how they are just so full of life. 

Fraser is just one of many teachers who joined the ranks this year at Fivay. English teacher Robert Hester is a new face as well.

   “Fivay is very close to home, I love the colors red and blue. It is my goal to be a known part of the Pasco’s Westside”. 

Hester wants to see the community and population be proud of where they live and the education they are receiving.  

Every teacher has that favorite class when they were going to school. Hester is no different as his favorite subjects are English and Science. So being an English teacher is playing into his passion. 

  “I was a creative writer, actor, and orator since I was a child, so English seemed to be the best choice and direction for teaching.”

  If you happen to see some of these new faces around campus, step up and say hi to them and welcome them as part of the Falcon Family.