Back to the Theatre: The Revival of Fivay’s Drama Club

We discuss why the Drama club is important, and how it was brought back to Fivay.


C.J. Savastano

C.J. Savastano, News Writer

 Theatre, drama and acting loving students are excited about the recent school news; Robert Hester, an English teacher, is bringing the drama club back to Fivay High. This makes another fun after school activity for many to enjoy, beginners and experts alike, no matter what part of it students are interested in.

   “I love drama, theater, and acting,” Hester explained. “It is one of the few creative outlets that I loved as a child and knowing the excitement of the students to continue this program I absolutely refused to let it fall by the wayside. I also wanted the person to take over to have as much passion for it as possible, so I’m here.” 

His enthusiasm towards the creative outlet will make this an enjoyable club for anyone interested.

  There are plans to either move or expand the meeting area if it’s absolutely necessary. It will be a likely change since he has expressed his interest in putting on a large scale production for both the school and the local community. 

  “When I was a student, my drama club did renaissance fairs and Halloween and Christmas related events, so we’ll see what can happen,” he said.

   The club isn’t focusing only on theatre and its origins.  

It plans to dive into the more technical and artistic side of things, from makeup to lighting and much more. It’s a way of expanding the possibilities and catering to lots of student interests. It also plans to possibly collaborate with other clubs to open up even more amazing opportunities. He looks forward to working with the other clubs to make it a great experience. 

   “My original desire was to teach drama at this school and bring local theater to West Pasco in a real way and put our students at the forefront,” Hester said. “If I had my way, we would be having people from all over the city, state, and country seeing what we have to do here. I hope that happens.”  

    But for now, the revival of the drama club is a great start, and it will grow nicely with his and the attendees’ love for it.