Fivay’s New Principal Joined Up To Make A Difference

Welcome the new principal to Fivay and see how he wants to help the school.

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer, Business Manager

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There’s a lot of new faces around Fivay High this year… one of them happens to be the new principal Jason Joens. 

Joens has been around since March of 2000. He’s been working with Pasco County has been in Administration since March of 2000. He has been working with Pasco County schools for a little over 32 years. Before coming to Fivay Mr.Joens worked at Gulf Middle, Mr.Joens is known for his turn around of Gulf Middle school. He plans on helping turn around Fivay just like he has done for Gulf. 

   “I am very happy to get to be the principal of Fivay,” Joens said. “I am very excited to be able to present diplomas to our graduates. I wanted to be the principal of Fivay because I actually live in this community and want to make as many positive changes for both students and staff.”

  Joens describes how he wants to see our school succeed. He plans on helping all students to have the opportunity to graduate. Fivay will be the first High School Joens has ever been a Principal for in all of his years of being a principal. 

  “I would like to develop traditions of pride for both students, staff, and parents From being a state rated “D” school to a “B” school,” Joens said.  “Clear academic and social expectations Collaborative teacher and student structures.”

  That is the way Joens believes the school will succeed as a whole.  Mr. Joens has already attended some sporting events supporting our Falcons. He plans on attending many events and if personally asked he will attend.

   “Through celebrations and acknowledgment of success (academic, social, extra-curricular, and personal achievements).  That is the way Mr.Joens plans on bringing spirit to this school. He was not always a principle though. Mr.Joens was a Bayonet point middle school teaching Technology. He learned he wanted to become a Principle because he wanted to be able to have a larger impact.  

   Joens is excited to work at Fivay. He is excited about working with the staff here at Fivay and the Students. He wishes all the students to have a High School experience that leads to being life, career, and college ready. He wants to turn this school into a better environment for not only the staff but also the students.