Boy’s Golf Hopes to Get a “Hole in One” This Season

An inside peak into what the boy's golf team is expecting from the season

Kiaralis Santiago, Sports Writer

Golf isn’t a sport that many people follow but at Fivay its a huge role in some student’s lives. Fivay Highschool Senior Michael Finn, a member of the golf team, has been very supportive of his team. Finn mentioned that their season “has been up and down but we will for sure improve later in the season.’’ 

    Finn believes that his team has been doing way better because they’ve gained 2 more players from last year. Coach Rickus is the coach for the boy’s golf team. According to the team, Coach Rickus is a great, funny and supportive coach. Coch Rickus makes the golf team practice at Beacon Woods near Fivay high school.

  Golf member Shawn Molnar mentions that they have there golf games “all throughout Pasco’’ Molnar got involved in golf at a young age playing with his dad. He was given the simple choice of choosing to play on the Fivay golf team. Molnar wants to play golf for as long as he can because he enjoys playing golf, especially at Fivay High School. 

    Finn and Molnar both love the golf team and they enjoy playing golf at Fivay and hopes it continues after high school. They both agree that Fivay now has a great golf team. 

   Molnar and Finn also agree that they could not be where they are right now because of their coach, coach Rickus. Everyone says Rickus is a great coach and will help with whatever you need. 

 Molnar believes his team has absolutely no flaws.

 “We are more of a joking type of team but when the time comes we are to be serious,’’ he said.