Volleyball Team Bumps Up the Competition This Season

A look at the volleyball teams feelings and thoughts about this season, and what it takes to be on the team.

Volleyball Team Bumps Up the Competition This Season

Caitlyn Day, Sports Writer

 As a senior player, Maddie Kachurak ‘20 starts her last season of high school volleyball she gives words of advice to younger players.

“Don’t give up because you have to keep working on it even if you don’t succeed at first.”

  Maddie explains that she got into volleyball because she was always introduced into the sport by her parents. Madison, Faith Jetter, and Makayla Way all said that their pregame rituals are cheers to hype the team up before every game.

    The three girls are all excellent volleyball players, they all have one thing in common, commitment. While some sports may have to be played using plenty number of equipment to play, volleyball isn’t that way. You just need to have a good ball and a net. It’s a sport that could be set up anywhere there is space.  

 “ If at first, you don’t succeed, just try again and probably do camps. They help a lot,” Jetter said. 

For a lot of these players, the love of the sport comes from their family. Kachurak says her family played a big role into how she got into the sport. Her parents actually got engaged at a volleyball game when they went to college. Other players’ parents have similar ties although not as romantic. 

     “My mom played college volleyball and she’s helped me with a lot of stuff and a lot of my club coaches,” Way said. 

   One important thing about Fivay’s volleyball team is how close they are. Each of the players are great teammates. They understand that being a good teammate means being together when it counts the most. To them, you are nothing if you don’t have a good team and Fivay has some of the best players around. The key to a good teammate is being willing to give up anything for your team, sacrificing whatever it takes. Being a good teammate is very important.