Did Sony Make The Right Choice?

Sony seemed to have made the wrong decision for Spider-man according to fans. The financial reason behind the decision.

Did Sony Make The Right Choice?

Zoe Coats, Opinion Writer, Opinion Editor

 In a shocking financial standoff between Disney and Sony producers, it’s leaving both productions and the fans feel like they’ve all lost.  It all boils down to our friendly neighborhood web-slinger–Spiderman. As Sony owns the rights of Spiderman, the company worked with Disney to use the web-slinger in their Marvel movies. The latest film, Spiderman: Far From Home, made over a billion dollars. Disney’s deal with Sony allowed the company to receive movies 5 percent of the first-dollar box office gross from Marvel movies that feature Spiderman.

 After Far From Home’s success, Disney wanted to do a 50/50 split, a deal that Sony declined. 

 Sony is receiving a lot of backlash from declining such an insanely large deal, which I feel is completely unwarranted. 

      As Sony holds the rights and royalties of Spider-man, and Disney came to Sony seeking to use their character in their movies, gaining a wider  Spider-Man audience at the MCU movies, Disney should have to pay to use Sony’s character as it holds’ the character’s rights but Disney also owns other properties too including X-Men after their recent deal to acquire Fox studios properties.  

   There have also been rumors that Disney had proposed this deal to invoke emotion from fans that would pressure Sony into giving Disney the money that they want. Disney has been said to have done this to spark outrage against Sony. Now fans want to boycott Sony when in reality, the company is making a good financial decision. 

       As of right now, Sony is working on damage control after Disney’s giant percentage request and is trying to make plans on how to continue making movies on the Spider-man Universe and possibly making a Spider-man v. Venom crossover, but unfortunately it will be difficult to cleanly separate Spider-man from the MCU universe so that Sony can continue making spiderman movies. Sony is still hopeful that Disney would change its mind but there is no notice of any new deals or compromises as of now.