The Rising Issue of Mental Health Awarness

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

With the rise of Mental Illnesses like depression and anxiety, it seems like everyone knows everything about Mental Health. With the ratio of 1 to 5 students having a mental disorder, everyone seems to agree that Mental health is a huge topic, and should be discussed in schools. 

  Students tend to show discomfort when talking about it, not many people seem open to talking about it. This means that often at times it can go overlooked and people tend to suffer in silence.

 The school’s clinic assistant definitely agrees. “Because it’s not a broken arm, you can’t see it because it doesn’t bleed,” Krieg Lorie stated, “so a lot of the time people don’t know or aren’t aware of what is going on. Mental Health is important and I think everyone should work on it.”

   Society has recognized that students contribute a large part to the rising of Mental Illness and are now trying to figure out if schools can help.

  “Schools can help by understanding their students with Mental Illnesses.” Francesca Bellino said, “Mental Health programs can help, programs like the special needs program could help.”

   Jazmine Poole agreed saying “Groups could help.”

With just one month given to mental health awareness, people believe that thats the issue. We only spend one month focusing on it, and then it never seems to be talked about publicly in schools.

    With more and more mental disorders being discovered, it seems to be a rising issue in schools. People seem to agree that it is not talked about enough, and students don’t really know how to get help.