Making a Splash: Preview of this Seasons Swim Team

Making a Splash: Preview of this Seasons Swim Team

Alyssa Cosenza, Sports Writer

The Fivay High school swim team has great expectations for this year’s season. The team is starting off strong with 18 swimmers coached by Coach Nan Bodnar. Some of the new members were recommended to join the team due to their success in other sports like track and weightlifting.

The swimmers have all set their own personal goals for the new season. Jordan Lotero, who is a new member of the team, has set high expectations for himself. He wants to “break the school record for fly and try to make it to states this year”. Aaliyah Tejada, also a new member of the team, hopes to do “the best I can in the strokes that she put me in”. 

With the many new people that have joined, the team is stoked to see what come this year. 

“Right now, I actually like the team and how it’s going so far and the new swimmers that are coming in,” Lotero said. 

“Yeah, they’re really nice. It’s like a close family”  Tejada said.  

Even with some new faces joining the team, it still has that sense of family. The dynamics may change this year