The Success of The New Fire Program

There's been a new program added to Fivay, and students and teachers feel like its been very successful.

Brianna Terry, Opinion Writer

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 Michael Sherwin is one of the three instructors for Fivay’s Fire Program. This program provides students with background knowledge and partial certification for becoming a firefighter. This program exposes students to a class that will make them career ready. This program has already affected Fivay in many ways. 

  “I think it [fire program] brings something outside of normal classroom work,”  Michael Sherwin said. “As the program progresses the students will learn to throw ladders, pull hose lines, all the different stuff that firefighters do, so it’s definitely outside of sitting in your classroom doing bookwork.”

Sherwin is one of the three instructors for Fivay’s Fire Program. He enjoys having the class at Fivay and feels it prepares his students.

  “I believe the fire program is a great opportunity for students to learn a job field that maybe they weren’t familiar with prior to the class and hopefully it’ll be a long career and something they’re interested in” Sherwin replied.

   I think the Fire program is a great addition to Fivay. Not only does the program prepare them for their career it helps them get ahead of the game. Taking the Fire Science course can help get you partial certification. This can introduce you to the activities and knowledge that firefighters have.

 Amy Newland enjoys the class and feels you gain useful things for outside of Highschool

 “Having outer resources help me through Fire Academy and stuff,” Amy Newland said.  “I would take life skills [from this course].” 

  Evan Hall took this class with one thing in mind,  “To make a difference,” Hall smiled.

  It seems that there are strengths and weaknesses in this class for students, “Work” Hall answered. “Work [is also my weakness],” Hall stated. 

  Students’ answers can differ but the Fire Program still adds an amazing contribution to the school. It can help you be career-ready right out of high school. It allows students to learn before they do. Remember Fivay we strive to be life, college, and career ready!