Top 5 Places to Buy a Homecoming Dress

The fret of buying a homecoming gets to everyone, so heres a list of the 5 best places to get your dress.

Zoe Coats, Opinion Writer

  1.  Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique Bridal and Prom Dresses

Nikki’s has a very wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles. This dress shop offers a luxurious experience and many different brands of dresses are available online and in-store. Nikki’s has a dress for everyone’s tastes but can get a little bit pricey.


      2. Maria’s Bridal

Maria’s Bridal is quite similar to Nikki’s in its very wide variety of dresses and its luxurious style of the shop. Maria’s has many different couture brands and offers the latest styles and new trends. Dresses adorned with ruffles, gems, lace, satin, and sparkles can appeal to anyone’s different tastes, but they come at a cost and can get a little bit expensive. 


       3.  Dream Gown Bridal

Dream Gown Bridal is a very personal experience picking out the perfect dress. The prices are very reasonable and offer a price range affordable to most. This shop has dresses of many different styles and is constantly getting new dresses in. Dresses at Dream Gown Bridal are offered in multiple different colors, sizes, and styles and if the perfect dress isn’t held in store, it is ordered and shipped in very fast for free. And to add to the experience, only one dress in each style is sold to each school to make sure nobody else is wearing your dress.


      4.  David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal by far has the lowest starting price for dresses, making it the most affordable but that doesn’t mean that the dresses are lacking either though. Like any of the other shops, David’s Bridal has beautiful dresses in both the high or low price range. This shop offers so many different styles of dresses for every body type from high neckline numbers, to off the shoulder dresses and fitted looks. 


       5.  Dillards

Dillards has the easiest accessibility to dresses compared to the previous shops mentioned. Dillards usually offer a smaller selection of dresses but the ones they do offer are very on-trend and are available in many sizes. Dillards typically has dresses that are sold in the middle price range to higher and in recent years has had very trendy and stylish dresses for juniors.