What to Know for Spirit Week.

Taylor Tamargo, News Writer

Homecoming week is famous for being one of the student’s favorite weeks of school. The week prior to homecoming is where everyone dresses up with a theme for each day. Each homecoming week is specific to each school and changes each year

Our homecoming week for 2019 is September 16-21. For the first day of homecoming, Monday, September 16th is themed country or country club. Tuesday, the 17th, is “bad trend day”. Wednesday, September 18th, is character day, you can dress as any character from any movie, book, or game (as long as it’s appropriate). Thursday is jocks or nerds day. Friday, the 21st, is class colors day. On this day seniors wear can black, juniors wear can red, sophomores can wear navy, and freshmen can wear silver. Dressing up for homecoming week shows your school spirit. 

As fun as spirit week is there are still rules as to what you can wear. All rules for the dress code still applies. Just because it’s spirit week doesn’t mean you can wear thin tank top straps or pajamas to school. Specific regulations to spirit week are that no masks, no excessive face paint, weapons (including fake or plastic weapons), and hats are only allowed if part of the costume. If you have any concerns about whether your outfit is in dress code it would be best to not wear it.