Fivay High Prepares For Homecoming


C.J. Savastano and Brianna Philips

 Homecoming is just around the corner, and the Student Council is working hard behind the scenes. From spirit week to the homecoming dance, the council is working steadily to guarantee the most fun experience possible. But prepping isn’t always fun and games; it has its ups and downs.

  William Sparks, Ronald Simonds, and president Joey Wallen, a senior here at Fivay are in charge of Student Council.

   “[Prepping for homecoming] feels a little bit rushed,” Reed Walke explains. “Kinda like we don’t have enough time.”

Homecoming seems to creep up on everyone when they are least expecting it. Some feel rushed when preparing and it often stresses student council out.

   “Yeah, there’s a lot of work to do,” Wallen said. “There’s not a lot of time to do everything.” Despite the concerns of time from the council, they won’t let the pressure slip them up. They continue to set up swimmingly.

  There’s so much that goes into preparing, so during homecoming week,

Student Council feels like they’re neck-deep in projects.

   “We have to decorate the hallways,” Wallen said. “For school spirit reasons, to show our school spirit.” They decorate the halls with posters encouraging students to partake in the spirit week activities, voting for homecoming court, advertising for the homecoming tickets, and other related information.

   Even people outside of the student council have the option to help out with all of the homecoming preparation. They have the ability to volunteer, allowing them to create and decorate alongside the council. The support is highly appreciated.

  The funding is what makes or breaks homecoming preparations. Not only does the student council have to do fundraisers, but they also have to depend on enough people to buy tickets. William Sparks and Ronald Simonds are the head of the student council and the president is Joey Wallen, a senior here at Fivay. The school does various fundraisers to raise money for homecoming every year.

“Students who buy homecoming tickets fund homecoming,” Wallen said. “This year they’re trying to change school spirit stuff so hopefully there’s going to be more students so we might need to raise more money to get a bigger area, like the gym and more decorations,”

The money goes towards decorations and pays for the DJ. Leftover money is usually put into school incentives and things for students.

   Most exciting of all, there is a new person in charge of the student council this year, and they are happy to see it thrive. He has experienced his own set of challenges in his first year with this role, but powers through them with plenty of determination.

   “It was a challenging and rewarding year,” Sparks said. “I am looking forward to [working with the student council] this school year.”

   As the homecoming dance comes closer, Sparks and the student council will stay hard at work, keeping the school well decorated and well updated on planned events while encouraging school pride all around the campus.