Where to Munch Some Food This Homecoming

Jeremiah Maisonet, Montage Writer

If you are going to homecoming then it’s a good idea to go out and eat with a date or some friends before the dance. You’ll want to pick a place that everyone will enjoy, or even yourself. Here are a few popular places to eat at before or after homecoming.

1.  The place where everyone seems to go is Applebees, it’s an American casual dining place which would be a nice place to eat with a date or a few friends. They offer burgers, wings, etc. But it is the farthest away than the other two locations making it less of an option for some.

2. The second place to eat at before homecoming is Grand Sushi Hibachi Buffet. It is a Chinese and Japanese mix buffet, with lots of variety. You get great food for a great price. Located in Jasmine plaza approximately 3.1 miles away from the school so if you don’t have a ride it might not be the option for you.

3.  The closest place is McDonald’s making it the best option for many students. Student Jaden Rodriguez chose McDonald’s because “it’s close to the school so you can eat there before and/or after Homecoming, it might not be the best but you can still enjoy it.”

One of the biggest things about homecoming is hanging with your friends and eating food. So if you can find a place that brings those two things together I guess you’ll be able to start or end your night off on a good note.