The Big Prep for the Big Game

When homecoming week comes along the cheerleaders have a lot of work to do. Here's a look inside of how they prepared.

Alyssa Cosenza, Sports Writer

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The Fivay highschool cheerleading team has a busy week ahead of them when spirit week, pep rallies, and the big homecoming game come around. Coach Ryan has been training the girls for weeks to perfect their performance at the pep rally and at the game against Anclote. 


Cheerleaders Carina Nazario, Juliana Canales, and Amya Rivera are all extremely excited for the upcoming events. They enjoy showing their spirit and being a part of the Fivay team.

“I am so excited for the homecoming game! I love seeing everyone come out and support us,” Canales said, “It is a great atmosphere to be in. I am nervous though because of how big the crowd will be but I think we’ll do fine”. 

“I am nervous and excited for the homecoming game because I’m a freshman so this is my first experience with anything like this,” Rivera says. “We have been inspired by the “new” school to spread more positivity and be more supportive of our school and teams”

Since the cheerleaders are an important factor in bringing the spirits up, the coaches made it mandatory for everyone to dress up. 

“I am dressing up for homecoming week and I hope to see everyone else dressing up too! It makes great memories to look back on someday.” Canales said. 

According to Nazario, there will be a special performance at the pep rally. They have been working hard after school training and making posters for everyone to get in the spirit. 

“We have to come together as a team to create this performance for everyone,” Nazario said, “ We are excited to show everyone what we are capable of.”

They have plans of making a catchy banner for Anclote and motivators for the football team’s locker room. They’re hoping with all the fliers and motivators people will be more active and supportive of the teams and the events they’re apart of.