A Night For the Books: What Makes Homecoming so Memorable?

Between the music and the dancing, homecoming seems to be a night filled with fun memories.


Racheal Kanaris, Opinion Writer

Homecoming is one of the most favorable moments during the school year. From hanging out with your friends to girls being able to get their hair and makeup done. For those that enjoy just going with a few friends to those that enjoy going with a whole crowd, homecoming was made to make memories


“My favorite homecoming memory was the dancing,” Jerry Largos said, “The DJ was good himself, and with the music. I also had my friend Justin and 2 others with me.” 


 Having friends can always make homecoming more fun. They make you feel more comfortable and allow you to do things you wouldn’t normally do if you were by yourself.


“My favorite homecoming memory was hanging out and dancing with my friends.” Anyssa Rao said. “I really enjoyed the music.”


  “When they were throwing the glow sticks around and everyone was dancing.” Aaliyah Rodriguez said.


Everyone seemed to say that the music and the dancing were what made homecoming 2019 so memorable. Students got to listen to their favorite music with their friends and dance. Making it a night to remember


 The music, hanging out with their friends, and the dancing seems to be what makes the night so memorable. Everybody that went had a good time and continued to make fun-filled memories with their friends.