Reactions to the Big Game: How Fans Felt About the Homecoming Game

How fans felt about the homecoming game and their thoughts about the events.

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

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  At Fivay, the homecoming game fans had different reactions. With everyone showing their school spirit, the band performance, homecoming game dresses, and the game overall there is so much to talk about and enjoy.


 When it comes to football games fans either think their team will win or lose depending on the team we go against. Many fans had high hopes for the team and looked forward to the best.


 “Our school is going to win for sure,” Iman Lalani said. 


Many people agreed in thought that we would win against Anclote Highschool. The outcome was in our favor and fans were ecstatic. Not only was the game a big focus but many thought the other aspects were great as well.


“I thought the band performance was very good,” Jocelyn Vega said, “I think that the homecoming queen and kings were dressed very well. I [also] thought the game was great.” 


“I thought the dresses and suits were amazing,” Anna Hanneman said, “The game overall was really good.”


 With the band performance, cheerleaders, and it is the homecoming game there is a lot to be positive about. People seemed to be really excited that we won and others seemed to think the band was the best part. Mixed reactions are what make the game so fun.