Ramping Up the Spirit

A look at how Fivay's pep rally went, in hopes to show some school spirit

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Ramping Up the Spirit

Brianna Terry, Opinion Writer

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When you walk in the gym it feels just as if you were walking into any old classroom, but during a pep rally, it feels completely different. When you walk in you are hit in the face with bright colors as music fills your ears. You hear cheering and yelling from all corners of the room. This is the feeling of a pep rally at Fivay.

The dance team, a new club at Fivay, put on a performance. The crowd was stunned by their performance, it was very unexpected. The Junior Varsity and Varsity cheerleaders followed and put on an amazing performance as well. This really got the ball rolling for the pep rally.

During a pep rally, students get to prove which class has the most spirit. You have to be loud and proud. You can do this by playing the many fun challenges that go on.

Students were able to participate in a game called Hungry Hippos. They picked two people to represent each class and be on a team with each other. While one team member holds the other, they are pushed on a cart with a bucket to collect tennis balls, the team with the most tennis balls collected wins. The class of 2020 beat the competition like it was nothing.

The other contest was a hotdog eating contest. This involved a couple of students and teachers, in which you had to eat as many hotdogs as you could in two minutes. Kyle Brewer (‘21) won the challenge, eating ten hotdogs in less than three minutes.

The homecoming court was also presented. As they were announced they walked out to the middle while everyone cheered and clapped. The people on the court couldn’t help but smile as they walked out, I mean it is a once in a lifetime experience.

The band put on quite the performance, playing multiple songs to bring the spirit. The band played as people entered and as the pep rally went on. They are the ones to really bring the spirit up as they play songs to get you in a good mood. The band was also joined by the color guard who danced with the band as they played their songs.

Pep rallies are all about showing up with the spirit and leaving with the spirit. They ramp up the fun of the school year and allow you to be as loud as you can get.