The Info Behind the Health Screening

The nursing program at Fivay allows students in the program to experience a hands on learning experience that they are very excited about.

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

Walking around Fivay you may see your fellow peers wearing grey scrubs. That is not just a costume those peers are working towards their CNA license. By doing so they are going around to different schools and doing health screenings. 

Allowing the students in the program to do these health screenings, gives a simple glance into the world of nursing. The screenings allow them to gain practice for the real world. As well as recognize how certain things should be in the body.

“I have decided to do this to get a head start at a younger age on the job I want to pursue after high school”. Hadley said 

The students seem to really enjoy doing these screenings. They feel it’s giving them a better chance to learn and more hands-on in the program. 

“ Helping out at the elementary school screening was like being a nurse.” Ana Silva (‘21) said. “I got to have control of the machines and ask the kids to cover one eye at a time to help test their vision and then I recorded their results on the exam paper like when you go to the doctors.”

 With the heath screenings going around it gives even more of a chance for the nursing program to expand the students learning experience. The students in the program are very enthusiastic about doing the health screenings and hope to do it again.