Spiking the Competition

Fivay's varsity volleyball team hard work really seemed to pay off at their tournament.

Kiaralis Santiago, Sports Writer

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The Fivay Highschool varsity volleyball team has a record of 6 to 8. The varsity volleyball team believes they are going to do great on their next game and they have high hopes that they will win. They have a good record and they want to make that record even better.

Macie Helms a senior player on the varsity volleyball team had very high expectations for the game considering they beat us last year on Senior Night. Helms’ personal goal was to be a strong defensive player in the back row through the whole game. The following game Helms officially reached her goal. 

The scores of the following day game were something of the team to be very proud of. With a total of 3 wins and a loss, the team was very happy. The game was tight-knit and the team worked well together. The girls played well knowing one move could make or break the record.

Makella Way a senior player on the varsity team also had very high expectations for the game on Tuesday night. Way had a goal to just win Tuesday nights game, she wanted to keep their record at something good. 

The varsity volleyball team hopes to keep up their record and continue to push through. They hope that next tournament they are able to keep it a total of 4 wins. Team members are always supportive and prepare for each game with passion and drive.