The Hype for FPSA

Criminal Justice allows students in the program to go to an annual competition in Orlando. Students are very eager for the event to come up and can't wait to gain extra practice.

Kaitlyn Rose, News Editor, News Writer

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Every year the criminal justice program attends the FPSA competition. Students are very eager to attend. FPSA is a competition for those in the Criminal Justice program to learn what is like in the real world. 

    The FPSA event holds different things such as Traffic stops, Criminal Response, Fingerprinting, Latent Lift, and Arrests. The competition gets students excited to be a part of the criminal justice program.

  Dylan Clark was one of the few people to have gone to the FPSA conference last year. Clark talks about his first experience.

 “I really enjoyed the social interaction between different schools and what they can portray,” Clark said. “The weapon simulator was the hardest, as it is not realistic like what Fivay has. I enjoyed the traffic stops because it is a good learning experience for if you want to become a police officer in the future. One of the hardest things abo9ut being a police officer is doing traffic stops”

Students seem to be really excited about the annual competition. Being part of the team is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only is it fun it gives students in the program an opportunity to show what they know and learn new things.