A Look at Fivay’s New Dance Club

Fivay was introduced to a new club this year and the members have big plans for the future.

Chloe Lynne, News Writer

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 There are many clubs offered for students at Fivay, one of which includes the dance club. The dance club at Fivay is a very hard working club. We can expect to see performances from the dance club at pep rallies and during half time at football games.

 Some of the dance club members really enjoy being a part of it. It’s a good way for students to make new friends and to learn to be a part of a team. The dance club is also a great way for students to express their creativity. 

   “I definitely think the dance club is a great way to grow more confidence.” Aeva Meeker said, “For me personally, dancing gives me a way to forget everything going on in my life and let loose. Performing at the pep rally helped me become a little more comfortable with being myself. Now, everyone recognizes me from dancing at the pep rally and it’s pretty cool”,               

   “The best part of being in the dance club would be that you can feel comfortable dancing even when you have no experience. We have fun at every practice and even the kids who have had dancing experience, both in the past and currently, learn something new”, Melanie Rodriguez said. 

    The dance club also has many future plans and also more performances.

   “We want to perform at football games during half time, and at pep rallies.” Meeker said, “We also eventually want to compete at dance competitions.”

    “In practice, we go overturns and leaps. Basically, it’s like an intro to ballet. After that, we start going over hip hop moves. Once we pick a song, we learn a routine and clean it up”, Rodriguez said. 

     The dance club works hard at every practice to put on their best performances. They even extend practices or add other practices to perfect their dancing. The dance club works hard to perform at pep rallies and during half time at football games. 

   “Before our performances, we all gather as a group and tell each other that everything will be okay and we are going to kill it,” Rodriguez said. 

   Members of the dance club also recommend others to join. The dance club is a great way for students to express creativity. It is also a good way for students to make new friends. 

  “I would definitely recommend others to join the club. It’s really fun and we’re all really friendly,” Rodriguez said, “The club as a whole is a good stress reliever and you don’t have to perform, you can just go to have fun.”

   “I do recommend people to join because the team,” Piedra said, “Everything about it is just fun and we bond a lot as a team and having that experience of performing you’re going to want to keep doing it again and again.”

    We can expect to see many more great performances from the dance club. Overall, they are very hardworking and passionate about dance. The dance club is a great way for students to express their creativity.