A Fun Way to Get Back on Track

The new incentive brought to Fivay has students excited to stay on track.

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A Fun Way to Get Back on Track

Brianna Phillips, News Writer

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The back to school bash was an incentive for all students who did not have any discipline referrals in the first quarter at Fivay High school that took place on September 27. The back to school bash included many fun activities for students to enjoy

The bash included carnival games, an obstacle course, a bounce house, a dunk tank, kickball, and a basketball shootout. It also included snow cones and cotton candy for students to enjoy while waiting. Music was playing gave an even better 

Students got to vote for the teachers they wanted to see in the dunk tank. The line up included Brandon Alexander, Pedro Poletti, Jonathan Snyder, Erica Rodriguez, Sandra Cardella, Jason Joens, and Tyler Frick.

“I came up with this idea about 8 or 9 years ago when I was a principal at River Ridge Middle school and I wanted to find a way that I could celebrate not only honor roll students but the students that were just on track getting C’s” Joens said, “This will improve our school-wide behavior because students are going to be able to see starting the 9th grade that there’s something they can work for and they can be part of some of the special stuff.”

As a school we hope this incentive and the ones, later on, will encourage students to do better in school, grade and behavioral wise. We also hope that more students will participate in these activities that reward good behavior and follow our shared values here at Fivay. It’s a good idea to reward students that are on track because school can be stressful at times and principal Joens has found a creative way to do just that.

“The incentive is a good idea for students because I think students should be rewarded for being on track getting a high school diploma,” Principal Joens said,  “and so the first incentive was all about showing appropriate behaviors, and appropriate behaviors are our shared values”

 Students think this incentive was a positive reinforcement to fix schoolwide behavior and to get students on track. The goal is to give students an incentive to get back on track or stay on track.

“I think it was a good idea because it will encourage students to stay on track to be able to do these activities again in the future.” Logan Burns (‘20) said, “I think it will improve school-wide behavior because students would want to be able to go to another school event and you can’t go if you have a discipline referral”

“I think it was a good idea,” Andrew Sutula (‘20) said, “it will hopefully make students want to do better in their classes and stay out of trouble.”

“The first one we want to have maximum participation, the next one you want to have no referrals and no F’s on the report card, the one after that will be no referrals, no D’s, F’s and seniors have to have a 2.0 GPA,” Joens said. “The next incentive will be November 1’st and we will have one every 4 and a half weeks”.

Students really felt that the bash was successful and they enjoyed it. The fact that they got to skip a period for good behavior and hang out with friends. The whole feeling of the bash should get students on the right track.

“The back to school bash for me was cool,” Burns said, “It’s a good idea so everyone can have a day to go get energy out. If you do your schoolwork you get rewarded.”

“The bash was pretty fun,” Sajdak said, “ just hanging out with my friends and the activities were entertaining.”

The back to school bash was a success in rewarding students for their good grades and behavior. Students really enjoyed themselves and in a good mood after. Joens hopes this helps to get students back on track and look forward to it in the long run.