Movie Review: IT, Chapter 2

Movie Review: IT, Chapter 2

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies, especially ones that I’ll be watching for the next 3 hours of my life but, I actually quite enjoyed this movie. Time felt like it flew by in an instant, as the movie continuously got my heart pumping and racing while I got lost in the movie but once the end credits came I was able to calm down. It was a really good movie through and through.

The actors were just as amazing at the movie. The whole cast was really good. Bill Hader as the comedic relief was one of the best choices that the directors made. Then you have actors like James Mcavoy and Jessica Chastainthat who add so much more to the movie. Just so thrilling!

Although this is a horror movie, it didn’t just include horror. At one point in the movie it hit the feels just right and I started crying. I also had grown very nostalgic feelings and started getting attached to characters as their character development and story plot between the past and present grew through the movie.

What I like most about the time skip into the future is that it didn’t cut all ties to the first film, it continuously referenced the first movie. I feel like was just an amazing and filling sequel to the first movie.

 A very moving touch to this already amazing film, this movie really exceeded my expectations in every aspect. If I haven’t said it enough, I absolutely loved this movie! I recommend it to any and everyone.