Top 3 Artists That Bring the Feels

Top 3 Artists That Bring the Feels

Milo Ludwig, Montage Writer, Montage Editor


     Fivay is filled with students, each one has music tasted tailored to their desires, some may like more soppy kinds of music like Billie Eilish or Panic! At The Disco. Others like more punk or rock music, examples being My Chemical Romance, Five Finger Death Punch or Kalayo. Or even the classics, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Nirvana, and many others.

     In short, each student is equipped with their own taste and different songs will invoke different emotions and feelings depending on the relative student. That being said, 


  My Chemical Romance

 Everyone has had at least one emo music phase, if you were a metalhead or a punk, you have heard of My Chemical Romance at least once. My Chemical Romance has been around for a while, first hitting popularity mainstream around 2011, and their break up followed 2 years later in 2013. During their reign of punk and adrenaline, they produced some extremely memorable songs, “Na Na Na”, “Teenagers”, “Dead!”, “The Black Parade” and many more. 

“They’re all good.” Isabella Kurtz said.


Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is an old band from the late ’60s, they were a feel-good band with many bangers. “Mother”, “Goodbye Blue Sky”, “Empty Spaces”, “Young Lust”, “One of My Turns”, and that’s just to name a few. 

 “[I would recommend] All of them,”  Kurtz said.



Nirvana has also been around a while, in fact, its been 31 years. They’ve produced songs such as; “Smells like team spirit”, “Paper cuts”, “Dive”, “Breed”, and many more. Nirvana was recommended to the playlist from Kileen Keegan, she says:

“I feel Nirvana was very ahead for their time, Kurt was against sexism, misogyny, racism and homophobia, any type of segregation,” Kileen Keegan said. “Kurt even wrote on the “In Utero” album that if you were any of the things I mentioned to not buy the album and that if you were any of those he hated you. They wrote many revolutionary songs like Do Re Mi, Polly, Been a Son, Mr. Moustache and more”

Honorable mentions: Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Jon Bellion, Lil’ Uzi, Trippie Redd, Panic! At the Disco.